Basic Course

Harapeko Japanese is available for lessons based on your requests.
We also offer the following basic courses. We also recommend this one.

Two courses

  • Harapeko Tamago Course (from 3 to about 10 years old)

    This course is based on topics that are familiar to children and helps them acquire basic vocabulary and expressions. Examples of topics are “food, vehicles, crafts, shopping, etc.”. Children will be introduced to a variety of vocabulary related to the topic and will interact with each other using related expressions.
    Reading and writing will also be done at the right time (mainly hiragana and katakana).

  • Harapeko Course (over 11 years old)

    First Step

    Children who are learning Japanese for the first time will acquire basic vocabulary and expressions by using topics from Harapeko Tamago course. They will also practice reading and writing (hiragana, katakana, kanji) in preparation for future autonomous study.

    Second Step

    Once your child has mastered basic vocabulary, expressions, reading and writing (hiragana, katakana), it is time to start the project-based learning. The theme of the project will be decided in consultation with your child. We will set an assignment related to a field or theme of interest, and the students will produce a final product in Japanese while thinking about questions without answers.

    Textbook-based learning is also available as an alternative to project-based learning.

    Third Step (Goal!)

    The goal is autonomous learning. Students will learn at their own pace by searching for resources based on their own themes and interests. It is possible to use Harapeko Japanese’s online lessons to support autonomous learning.

Comparison of two courses

The curriculum and approach will be determined based on the requests of the individual and their family, as well as their developmental stage.

Image of Harapeko Tamago Course Topic

Here are some examples of topics. There are many more.

Image of Harapeko Course

We will proceed from 1 to 2 to 3. Those who have completed Harapeko Tamago Courese start from 2.